Dog tests positive for rare, contagious disease

Dog tests positive for rare, contagious disease
CENTRALIA, Wash. – A dog from rural Lewis County recently tested positive for Brucella canis.

County Public Health Department staff met with the owner and learned the
infected dog is one of many she has on her property. She rescues all types and
sizes of dogs, and she also breeds "designer dogs" such as pugles (combination
of pug and beagle) and purebreds.
About 110 dogs were found on the property – many of them living in filthy
conditions. One tested positive to brucellosis, but at least 18 others are
believed to be infected with the contagious disease.
The dogs were placed under quarantine last Thursday, but some residents
wonder if that quarantine has been breached.
Officials are advising anyone who got a dog from the woman to have it checked
out by a vet.
Brucella canis is a particular strain of brucellosis that infects dogs. The
disease is not easily transmitted to humans and is relatively mild with the
exception of individuals with immune compromising conditions (cancer patients,
HIV-infected individuals, or transplantation patients) and young children.
In dogs, the disease is transmitted during breeding causing females to abort
and males to develop long term chronic infections.
Treatment in dogs is not very effective and the recommended management to
prevent the spread to other dogs is euthanasia of infected dogs.
Brucellosis is transmitted by contact or by contaminated food, water, and
Health officials are trying to stop to the transmission of this dog disease
to the other dogs on the property and prevent it from spreading to other dogs
in the county.
Anyone who received dog from this woman along Hwy 508 near Mary's Corner, Hwy
12 at the Ethel Market area or from a parking lot in any of the businesses
at Exit #79 in Chehalis since mid February is advised to take it to a
veterinarian or an animal shelter.
Health officials say, do not dump the dog along the road or out in the
People who are concerned about exposure can consult with Lewis County Public
Health Department at 360-740-1222.