Top Ten Dog Breeds that are Date Bait

Top Ten Dog Breeds that are Date Bait
by Deborah Wood

1. Golden Retriever – Friendly happy dogs with beautiful coats

2. Scruffy Terrier Mix – Small terriers can be some of the cutest dogs in the world.
3. Collie – “Lassie”
4. Afghan Hound – Elegant “Wow” Dogs

5. Labrador Retriever – Most Lovable
6. Pug – Friendly, Happy Comical Dogs
7. Saint Bernard – Big, sweet, lovable stuff animal
8. Tiny Dogs with Big Dog confidence – Confidence attracts

9. Beagle – Just a plain ol’ friendly face
10. Old English Sheepdog – Funny, furry dog which has to be hugged.

Top Five Worst Date Bait Breeds

1. Pit Bull
2. Rottweiler

3. Yapping little dogs
4. Dogs with elaborate hairdos
5. Chinese Crested - Consistant Winner of the Ugliest Dog Contest

Deborah Wood is a writer, dog trainer and the pet columnist for the Oregonian.