Many Brits prefer pets to partners

Many Brits prefer pets to partners

Online insurer has found that one in three Brits would rather cuddle with their pet than their partner. Thirty-four per cent of Brits prefer to sit on the sofa with their dog or cat. And even for those with current partners, romance may not be on the agenda. One in five pet owners (18 per cent) would rather share their home with their pet than their current partner, and 34 per cent of Brits can't decide which they would rather live with. Pets are just as important to them as their significant other.

If you didn't get a card or present on Valentine's Day, chances are you could have lost out to your pet, as one in eight pet owners gave cards to their pets instead. Whether it's man's best friend or a favourite moggie, nine per cent of women sent their pet a Valentine's card and 42 per cent of women pushed their boyfriends off the sofa in favour of their pet.

And there are regional differences. The biggest pet lovers, according to the insurer's research, are southerners, with one in five saying they would rather share a home with their pet than their partner. The second biggest percentage of pet lovers can be found in the south west, with 17 per cent of people choosing pooch over partner.

Tina Shortle, marketing director at, comments: .It seems some people's pets may be more pampered than their partners as traditional romance is replaced with spending quality time with our pets. Brits are well known for being animal lovers, but preferring to spend time cuddled up with the dog or cat over a partner reveals man’s best friend is the primary object of many people’s affections, with gifts and pampering sessions lavished on their pooches rather than their Valentine.'

from The Thrifty Scot.