Tips to help you chose a healthy ,well reared puppy.


Your new Pet will be a loving and loved member of your family for a very long time
Purchasing a Pet is a very important and sometimes a difficult exercise that needs careful investigation.

One way is to have a list of requisites to be checked off as answers are obtained.
Another is similar and is used by coaches and astute learners of new skills. It is sometimes referred to as the - T.C.A. SYSTEM.

THINK – about what you require.
CHECK-availability and problems.
ASK- this is last because it alerts those who are pushy.
The second round of T.C.A is the same but you should be further informed.

THINK- about what you have been told and have learned.
CHECK- that the information is genuine.
ACT- Only after you have been through all the information and are satisfied you are being treated fairly and your enquires are answered truthfully.

A list can be any number of questions.
Questions that will assist you in finding a healthy well reared pet-

1- Does the breeder have multiple breeds & litters? A breeder with multiple Breeds of puppies for sale tells me that I should proceed with the greatest caution.Be very vary of Puppy Farm/Mill or Pet Shop pets. Most Pet Shop puppies come from Puppy Mill/Farms and are reared in horrible, dirty conditions. Puppies reared in dirty conditions are very hard to house train.
2- How are the Older dogs or Cats handled when they get to end of there reproductive life?
3- Are the parents available to view?
4- Does the breeder belong to a Breed Club or Association? Is your puppy or kitten be registered by a controlling body and most reliable breeders are members of there breed club? In the U.S.A. your puppy should be registered with the A.K.C. [ American Kennel Club] . ONLY ACCEPT AKC registry puppies . The AKC registry has very strict rules of membership and requirements from there breeders. This simple rule is a major safeguard for a puppy buyer.
5- Your puppy or kitten should come with Limited Registration papers if sold as a pet. Show Puppies and Kittens need full registration papers.
6- Are the puppies or kitten vaccinated and micro chipped? A good Breeder will answer YES to both questions .
7- Does the Breeder do Health testing and DNA Profiling? A good Breeder will answer YES to both Health testing and DNA profiling.
8- The age your new pet will be leaving the breeders home is very important. Don’t be talked into taking any pet home under 8 weeks of age. Puppies and kittens under 8 week of age should be in the breeder’s home with litter mates and there mother.
9- A good breeder should give a written copy of the puppies or kittens current diet. Following this diet sheet in detail for the first few weeks is very important.
10- Does the breeder have references and do they offer any guarantee? Ask about what is covered in any guarantee & check out the references.
11- How long has the breeder been involved in your breed, does your breeder compete in breed activity i.e. shows, obedience, agility?
12- Is your breeder involved in Breed Rescue? Someone who is dedicated to there breed will be involved in Breed rescue .Those looking to make a quick buck at your expense will answer No to this question.
13- How many Champions, if any has your breeder produced, is your kitten or puppy Champion Sire or Dam is a very important question if you are buying for show purposes.
14- Pet puppies and kittens should be sold with a neuter agreement.
15- The Breeder should be happy to answer all your questions on exercise & grooming requirements, personality traits,any health problems associated with the breed and any special needs of your chosen breed.
16- A good breeder will have a sales contract.This contract will have all details of what is expected of you the purchaser and what you can expect from your breeder .Written Contracts are very important.
17- A written contract is usually the best way to satisfy the purchaser and the breeder. This contract should clearly state what type of registration goes with your pet, You don’t want the disappointment of buying a puppy for show purposes and when the papers arrive you find the puppy has been registered on limited register- you have a pet .
18- What would happen if you where unable to keep the pet? Would the breeder take the pet back and re home ?
19- If possible visit the breeders home and select your new pet.
20- I breed Pomeranians & they have very small litters. I would be very vary of any breeder who always has puppies available.
21- Guarantee- What guarantee is available to cover your new pet for sickness or any other abnormality?
22- Most Good breeders ask that you have your new pet checked by your own veterinarian within 48 or 72 hours of purchase. Ask what happens if your vet finds any problems

If you are reading this guide the chances are you a will be making your pet purchase via the internet.

Please be aware that there are many scams on the internet, where unscrupulous people are stealing photos from web sites and listing puppies with these stolen photos for sale. In most cases there are no puppies or kittens for sale. As soon as they have your money they will disappear.

Protect yourself when buying online-

1-Email is usually the first contact with the breeder. If you are happy ask for a phone number and the best time to call the breeder. Hopefully phone contact will result in an invitation to visit the kennel or cattery. If no invitation is forthcoming – ASK to visit. There is never a reason to be nervous or intimidated in your approach. It is best to be relaxed and yourself. If for any reason the Breeder discourages a visit to the kennel or cattery and is reluctant to answer any of your questions, I would have doubts about continuing with the purchase.

2- Ask if the Breeder has a web site. Spending time on a breeder’s web site can be very informative.Most dedicated Breeders will have there own web site.

3- Always require that your purchase be identified. Ask for a clear photos of the puppy or kitten at different angles. Asking for more photos of the pet often is the best way to protect against internet scams. If the seller is not able to take and send you more photos, there must be a problem. Walk away from this sale.

4- If you feel uncomfortable with any of the Breeder’s answers to any of the above questions , walk away from the purchase or in the case of an internet purchase just surf away from the sale.

Good luck and most importantly enjoy your new family member.

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