Ireland Bans 11 Dog Breeds

Dublin, Ireland Bans 11 Dog Breeds - Dump The Dogs Or They Will Be Destroyed
Dog lovers around the world are outraged at the Dublin City Council in Ireland for enacting one of the most Draconian breed bans in recent memory.

According to a report in, Dublin has banned eleven different dog breeds from Dublin City Council properties - meaning public housing.

The Dublin Breed Ban includes:
a.. English Bull Terriers
b.. Staffordshire Bull Terriers
c.. American Pit Bull Terriers
d.. German Shepherds (Alsatian)
e.. Rottweilers
f.. Dobermans
g.. Rhodesian Ridgebacks
h.. Japanese Akitas
i.. Bull Mastiffs
j.. Bandogs
k.. Japanese Tosas

Stand Up For The Innocent Dogs In Ireland
Stand Up For Innocent Dogs On August 19th
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3rd Annual My Dog Votes Worldwide Candlelight Vigil Against Breed Bans on Sunday, August 19th at 8 PM
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