Toy Poodle is the Winner of the World Dog Show

Toy Poodle is the Winner of the World Dog Show

Toy Poodle is the Winner of the World Dog Show

AFTER four exhausting days of competition, a Japanese-born french poodle named Smash has defeated competitors from around the globe to be crowned Best in Show at the annual World Dog Show competition in Mexico City.

The male toy poodle, owned by Mamoro Oyama of Japan, beat some 5000 rivals from some 300 breeds to win the May 24-27 event.

The second place in the competition went to Braco Malfoy, a male bulldog, while the third place went to Tizoc, a male xoloitzcuintle - a sleek, hairless Mexican breed also known as xolo. Both dogs had Mexican owners.

Owners and handlers were tense as they prepared their animals for the floor show ahead of the final showdown.

"I've been grooming this dog for five hours,'' said Brazilian Ana Paula Rasera, 38, as she tied bows to her poodle's carefully manicured hair. "But it is really worth all this effort,'' she said.

Carlos Trejo, a Venezuelan engineer who raises dogs as a hobby and a side-business, said owners invested "thousands of dollars'' in their animals.

"In the long run we might not recoup the investment, but if they are well-ranked in these competitions, the quality of the dog is certified and the price of its mating and offspring rises,'' said Mr Trejo.

Event winners are usually awarded cups and ribbons, but not large cash prizes.