Rooney And Kylie Among Today's Top Pet Names

Rooney And Kylie Among Today's Top Pet Names
He's ginger, ferocious and occasionally cuddly - so maybe it's not such a surprise there's been a surge in Brits naming their pets after Wayne Rooney.

A survey shows a 25 per cent increase in the number of pets named after Manchester United striker Wayne in the last two years.

And the fiery England star is not the only celeb inspiring pets names, with a massive 46 per cent increase in furry friends named after pop princess Kylie Minogue.

However, Molly is the overall favourite name for both cats and dogs.

The research by Direct Line found stars from TV, film and sport were more popular than ever, with Lord Of The Rings characters also featuring - 500 were named Pippin and more than 100 Gandalf.

Ozzy - after Ozzy Osbourne for a cat - and Rocky, after the Sly Stallone film character, for a dog, saw the biggest increases.

Other pets with celeb names are Harry Potter and Dumbledore from JK Rowling's hit books, US divas Beyonce Knowles and Whitney Houston.

Even rapper 50 Cent managed to make it onto the animal's A-List.

But despite the increase in celebrity cats and dogs, conventional names Molly, Charlie and Tigger were the top three pet names for cats.

Chris Price, Head of Direct Line Pet Insurance, said: "How we name our pets is a testament to the close relationships we have with them.

"Its not surprising to find similarities between the top 10 names for dogs and cats and the most popular baby names because we see our pets as important members of the family.

"Naming our pets after celebrities is a growing trend and the Direct Line research has thrown up some interesting results – from the Great Dane named Gandalf The Great, to the moggy called 50 Cent.

"Our fascination with celebrity knows no bounds!"

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